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We, at Tanvi Garg, are committed to protect your privacy while we continuously strive to improve the services we offer to you. Herein, we intend to give you all the information regarding the processing of any personal information we may collect. This policy describes our information practices for this Website and subscriber / membership based services (“Services”) including the type and method of information being collected, use of such information and sharing of such information with third parties of any personal data that we may collect through our online platforms (website, applications, social networks)

With respect to this policy, while using or accessing this website you agree to accept the terms mentioned herein. You also give us the consent for using and disclosing your personal information in any way described in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy applies to all types of users of the website, applications and as mentioned in this policy. It is applicable to all the users who only visit, the ones who do not make any transaction, have any business on the Website (“Users”) and those users who are authorized as well as registered by the website for business transaction (“Members”)

  • What is Personal Information. What kind of personal data we collect?
  • How do we collect your Personal Information?
  • For what purposes do we use your Personal Data?
  • How long a period is your personal data saved with us and will we ever share your personal information?
  • Can we change this Privacy Policy?
  • What are ‘cookies’ and how do we use them?
  • What happens in case of Fraudulent Transactions?

What is Personal Information. What kind of personal data we collect?

Depending upon the purpose and the methodology of your interaction with us, we would collect your information from you, such as,

-information on identity (first name, second name, date of birth, marital status, anniversary, gender, nationality);

-your contact details (mobile number, mailing address and email address);

-information regarding the purchases and payments (information on credit card as well as on required by anti-money laundering laws);

-other various personal information, such as your preferences, your personal as well as professional interests, such as demographics, your lifestyle preferences (sports, leisure), your experiences of our products, your preferable methodology of contact and your professional status (professional title, company/employer, professional contact details) and so on.

-details on customer service (for example comments, feedback, customer service requests, complaints and repair history);

-or any information that can be used to identify, locate or contact the person, to whomsoever such information pertains. This includes, but not limits to, name, phone number, mobile number, emails address, address, fax number, financial profiles, credit and debit card information and identification number.

How do we collect your Personal Information?

Following are the ways by which we collect your personal information:

– when you visit our points of sale – website and application;

– when you fill out any forms at our website, applications, or during any events in any form;

– when you purchase Tanvi Garg product or request for a customer service;

– when you interact with us via phone or email;

For what purposes do we use your Personal Data?

  1. Promotional and Marketing activities:

We use your data in sending you company marketing and promotional communications. This includes content and news about Tanvi Grag world. Also we send you marketing communications (such as advertising, offers, social media activities, e-newsletter, personalized service offers, gifts, and so on.) These are in sync with you personal preferences and interests.

In any case you decide that you no longer want to receive such messages, all you have to do is contact us via an email and let us know. Alternatively, you can also click unsubscribe on the bottom page of all the emails you receive from Tanvi Garg.

  1. Business purposes :

-For processing your purchase, orders and deliveries;

– To provide you with efficient customer service.

-Manage the website

  1. Legal requirements :

– To prevent prohibited or illegal activities or and guaranteeing the safety and security of our Tanvi Garg online platforms;

– To comply with our billing and accounting requirements. Also for other regulatory or legal obligations (e.g. anti-money laundering obligations).

-Tanvi Garg does not or will not allow any unauthorized organization or individual to use any of your personal information that is collected from you via any of our medium.

In case of events of legal requirements, such as response to court orders, subpoenas or any such situation, Tanvi Garg may use your personal Information. This may be done without any prior notice to you.

How long a period is your personal data saved with us? Will we ever share your personal information?

We will safekeep your information only if you are willing to provide it by filling in our required sections. We at Tanvi Garg very well understand that the privacy of your personal information is crucial to you. So we assure you to safekeep your personal information.

Unless it is required by law, or due to any security imperative in un-circumstantial cases, Tanvi Garg may safe-keep or otherwise utilize your Personal Data for as long as it is required. Your Personal Data will be stored in a manner compatible with legal obligations, available technology and cost of implementation.

Tanvi Garg may share your information such as website usage statistics, the audience demographics with third parties for use of such as, sponsorships, advertising and so on. However, these parties do not have access to your personal information.

We understand the sanctity of your personal information and shall not share/ sell/ exchange any of it whatsoever to any third party.

Transaction payments on Tanvi Garg website are processed by a third party gateway. Thus the privacy policy for these will be notified by the third party guidelines. For absolute secured transactions. We have a have a non-disclosure agreement with the third party and it is certified by all the major card issuers. All the information is held securely by this third party.

Can we change this Privacy Policy?

Tanvi Garg reserves our right to edit/add/change this Privacy Policy at any given time whatsoever. Notwithstanding, it is the customer’s responsibility to stay ahead of any editions/additions/changes made to our Privacy Policy.

What are ‘cookies’ and how do we use them?

While placing an order on the website, when you enter your personal information, you then become a registered user for Tanvi Garg. This is when we send across a cookie to your computer, which is a small file that may be placed on your system’s hard disk. This is for record-keeping. Without overwriting any of your personal information, cookie help us recognize you whenever you visit the website again. This helps us cater to your tailored needs and thus serve you better.

For instance, cookies allow you to safe keep record of your chosen items in shopping cart or wishlist, without losing them between your visits.

Cookies are used for compilation of statistics which do not identify you personally, but are related to the website. For instance, the average time you spent on the website, the number of your visits, and other such statistics.

What happens in case of Fraudulent Transactions?

In case we find that a person is using the website for fraudulent transactions, making any unlawful acts, or is making an omission in breach of any of its policies, then Tanvi Garg reserves absolute rights make collection charges, recover the cost of the goods, and get the lawyer’s fees from that person.



In case of any query on any of our policies or privacy policy, please feel free to write to us at

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