Virtual Shopping

Wondering what pairs well with the jewelry in your cart? Or that you need a real time look of the piece you have chosen? Whether you need some silver advice or a complete new look, our stylists are here to help with all of your jewelry questions. Simply book an appointment, get a video chat with our stylist and get the assistance with styling, sizing, and an up-close look of all your jewelry picks.

We thoroughly understand that you are not only buying from Tanvi Garg jewelry collection but also making an investment with us, for a lifetime worth. Thus to make this shopping experience come out alive and give you an absolute satisfaction of Worth Your Purchase, we have curated a unique shopping experience of Virtual Shopping.  

Have a Query? Simply Ask Us!

If you have any merchandise questions, simply ask away. The video chat also gives you the privilege of a 360-degree product view. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or buying a special gift, this is the perfect way to making the final call.


Especially Designed for You!

Our personal stylist is here to help you get inspired. Every appointment is designed to cater to your personal styling needs. Be it about finding your first special piece, pieces which perfectly ensemble well with what you already personally own, or new a design you wish to own, our personal stylist is trained to upgrade your styling closet.


How does the process of Virtual Shopping work?

Simply post in your details in the query box below, and the topic of your styling query in the comment box. Our stylist will get in touch with you at an appropriate time via a call, followed by a video call. The video call can either be Facetime, Watsapp call or a Zoom link, as preferred by the customer.  Ideally, an appointment lasts upto 15 minutes. Thus we recommend you to browse our website ahead of time. This ensures that we can show your preferred styles thoroughly.


What topics can be covered in a Virtual Shopping appointment?

Tanvi Garg stylists can help you with almost anything related to Tanvi Garg jewelry — be it showcasing Tanvi Garg statement pieces or walking you through hand-picked exquisite styles, or even just showing what a pair of earrings look like face on. Virtual Shopping is designed to give you an experience of shopping with a friend.

How will the jewelry be presented?

Our stylists will showcase the pieces as you like it. Whether you want to see the piece real-time on its own or modelled on the model, our stylist will walk you through your wish. We understand that you are making an investment with us and thus we wish to make your buying experience real-time. 



Extra 5% off on all prepaid orders.
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