Customized Editions

Individualized Jewels, an Artistic Customization of Your Expressions

We understand that buying jewelry is a lifetime investment for you. To realize this value to the fullest, TG employs hands craftsmanship to customize any design or craft a design on request.

If you are approaching TG for the first time for personalized jewellery, let us walk you through the process of it.

Initially you may have some designs options in mind. Or you may even have an abstract concept on mind and would want an experienced designer to bring it out for you. The TG designers are veterans in this field and can understand your requirements in terms of budget, choice of metal- gold, silver, choice of stones- diamond, polka diamond, gemstones, carved gemstones and the occasion you intend to wear the jewellery on.  Once the TG designers get a clarity of your design expectations, they will revert to you in a few days with realistic illustrations. Hoping to take the shape of your expectations, the TG designer team will ensure to get “the one design” you conceptualized by showing you number of options. 

With all the options in hand, you can make the final selection by revising your choices. Then, a thorough detail about the base metal used- gold, silver or the stones used- diamond, precious stones and so on will be provided to you. This will give you an authentic clarity on the financial value of your personalized jewel piece.

Taking this forward, once the design is finalized in 2D illustration the TG designer and TG vetran craftsmen will work together to craft their magical creations. In unfolding the design into reality of ingenious handcrafted framework, a jewel of your original specification will be developed. Finally, the real piece of jewel will be customized for you, as you had envisioned it.

No cancellation, exchange or refund. Only Worth Every Purchase.


Only Worth Every Purchase.

Once a jewelry is crafted by customization, you can flaunt it for years to come and exchange it’s worth only with our Worth Every Purchase Policy (hyperlink it). We request you to read the policy very thoroughly and do not misunderstand it for a monetary exchange. Above all, once you have made the payment/placed the order for the customization jewelry, there can be no cancellation, exchange or return whatsoever.

Extra 5% off on all prepaid orders.
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