Jewelry Care

To ensure that you enjoy your pure silver jewelry for years to come, you should take special care of it. To enhance its life and maintain the luster follow these simple guidelines:

You should avoid exposure to:

  • Prevent it’s contact with moisture like sweat, perspiration & chemicals.
  • Remove jewellery during bathing and applying make up: Avoid exposure to soap, perfumes, hairspray, cosmetics and lotion. These contain chemicals that may react and do damage to the jewelry.


Tips for storing your jewellery

Store your jewellery in air tight box/ packets to prevent it from oxidation damage.


Reduce chance of tarnishing

Especially when it’s not worn, pure sterling silver jewelry has a tendency to tarnish. Thus to maintain its luster, place the jewel piece in re-sealable box or packet. Tarnishing is the most common phenomena for pure silver jewelry. Once it happens, you can connect with us.


The above guidelines are basic information only. For further details you can write to us at

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